Watch Top 5 Fashion Countdown Episode 1

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Top 5 Fashion Countdown Episode 1

We’re fashion-holics and we are not afraid to admit. Furthermore, this week we spotted some of our favorite stars looking all sorts of extra chic. Therefore, we spawned our newest feature Top 5 Fashion Countdown!

Every week we will breakdown all the best celebrity stylish sightings. From singers to supermodels and sports athletes to the Instagram famous. If they looked hot they are making our list.

Enjoy dolls and don’t forget we always love to see your personal style too! Tag us the Gram so we can see ya. You may just find yourself getting a Style Shoutout or featured right here on our blog. So then, get to posting and tagging.

Alright, we’ll stop all the gabbing. Here is Top 5 Fashion Countdown Episode 1!

Top 5 Fashion Countdown Episode 1

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