The Truth About Wearing Orange Lipstick

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The Truth About Wearing Orange Lipstick

This shade of lip color can already be quite tricky to pull off and it is not just because it is a very boisterous hue. What some women fail to realize is that the color orange naturally has a yellow pigment to it. Why is this so important to keep in mind?

Since orange lipstick contains yellow it will accent the yellow of your teeth. Think about it, do you really want onlookers to see yellow upon yellow? Even if your teeth are only slightly yellowed orange will bring it to the forefront.

The Truth About Wearing Orange Lipstick2

Nevertheless, now that you know this little rarely talked truth about orange lip color what can you do if your teeth are a little stained? Beauty experts advise bleaching teeth first before rocking this fun tint. Be sure to check out our post How to Make Your Own Teeth Whitening System to learn how to whiten your pearly whites naturally from the comfort of your home and WAY less money!

The Truth About Wearing Orange Lipstick3