Sty-eye : Could My Eye Makeup Be the Cause?

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Oh, the uncomfortable and unsightly joys of a sty-eye. Those bumps that suddenly appear along the eyelid can make you feel like your experiencing a scene from Alien. However, there could be a very logical reason as to why the flare up happened in the first place. What causes sty-eye and how can it be prevented?

Sty-eye : Could My Eye Makeup Be the Cause?

In short, yes your eye makeup could be the cause. Especially, if it is very old. Why is this the case? Sties are caused when bacteria becomes trapped within the gland openings along the eyelid. Once this occurs a bump forms which can appear to be quite red. These bumps are often very painful and swollen thus making your eye look less normal.

There are a plethora of ways that bacteria can be transferred to the eye line. This could happen by sharing eye makeup brushes as well as eye makeup in general. As a rule you should always avoid sharing makeup that is applied near sensitive areas such as the eye.

Another way bacteria can seep its way into glands is going to sleep with eye makeup such as eyeliner still on. As you know occasionally getting your beauty rest on with makeup is not harmful. However, making it a habit can lead to many skin issues. Acne and yep, you guessed it sty-eye.

The Ugly Truth


The third way bacteria can potentially cause a sty is due to using super old makeup. Now, we are all guilty of keeping older makeup in our beauty bags. This is because it can take years to find that perfect color or product that just gets the job done like no other.

Yet, it is old makeup that can breed and house bacteria that can easily find its way into your glands. When it comes to eyeliner you especially need to use caution. Liners are applied regularly to and near the water line. Which means that it can easily wreck havoc if contaminated with bacteria.

When should you toss out your liner? It is highly recommended that liquid liners be removed from your beauty arsenal after three months. Pencil eyeliners have a longer shelf life and can be safely used for six months.

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The Sty-Eye Fix

So lets say you have done everything you can to prevent a sty but you are still dealing with the little bugger. How can you treat a sty without causing any additional irritation?

First of all, whatever you do don’t attempt to drain or squeeze the sty yourself. We have heard some horrors stories in our day. Two words: a needle. Just be kind to yourself plus your eyes and perform a warm compress instead.

Simply warm a washcloth with hot water and then place the cloth on the affected eye area. In time you will definitely notice a difference. A few other things to keep in mind is to toss any old makeup and avoid eye makeup until everything is better. By keeping all these tips in mind you can heal, avoid and prevent sty-eye.

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