Pattern Intensive Conditioner -Get Control of Breakage +Dryness!

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Sometimes your hair just needs a little more help. Yes, using a regular hair conditioner can still do wonders for your hair; but you should also indulge in deep repair treatments too. Why? Using a thicker conditioner and going deeper helps to smooth the shaft of your hair and restore your strands natural shine. One product to definitely try in this area is by Tracee Ellis Ross; her Pattern Intensive Conditioner!



This conditioner is a super thick formulation that will get in there and kick some serious hair butt. With Ross having some of the most beautiful natural curls in the business; it is clear that she knows the black hair market well and what exactly is needed to achieve a healthy head of hair.

Pattern Intensive Conditioner -Get Control of Breakage +Dryness


Pattern Intensive Conditioner


What’s all in Tracee’s must have hair conditioner? TONS! In regards to their amazing conditioner the Pattern hair brand reveals,

“Our Intensive Conditioner, the richest of Pattern’s ultra hydrating formulas –where porous, tight textures can seriously indulge. [Is] perfect for high porosity hair that craves all the moisture it can get. [Plus it is a] powerful formula packed with ingredients like Avocado Oil, Shea Butter; Safflower Oil and Acacia Decurrens Flower.

[Our conditioner] helps to protect against breakage and dryness while leaving definition behind after rinse out. Restore your curl pattern with this extra buttery, ultra hydrating deep conditioning experience.

Shop our Intensive Conditioner, our best conditioner when you are looking for a rich and ultra hydrating conditioner. Perfect for coily and tight textures (also known as 4a hair, 4b hair and 4c hair type).”



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