Thebe Magugu AW19 Safari Jacket Seen on InSecure's Issa Rae!

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Thebe Magugu AW19 Safari Jacket


The Item: HBO InSecure’s Issa Rae was caught being a Lady in Red in clothing by a rising South African designer. During a recent episode, the Thebe Magugu AW19 Safari Jacket made every fashionista watching do a serious double take!



You Asked: I really hate when people post about something and don’t have give any details. It’s like what was the point? That’s why I knew I count on you guys to have the real details. Can’t wait to learn all about Issa’s red jacket she looked good!

Thebe Magugu AW19 Safari Jacket Seen on InSecure’s Issa Rae


Thebe Magugu AW19 Safari Jacket


The Verdict: Hello! Thank you for DMing us and we are sorry that you were not able to get the intel you were seeking from others. Nevertheless, do not worry, as you said you know that we got you girl!



The red look seen during an episode of HBO’s Insecure on Issa Rae is by South African couture label, Thebe Magugu. The brand is based in Johannesburg and took home the coveted LVMH Prize in 2019. A prize that was decided by a fabulous jury of creatives backing Dior, Berluti, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton and Loewe.



Rae’s look is from Magugu’s AW (autumn / winter) 2019 collection, aptly named, “African Studies.” The particular jacket in question is called the Safari Jacket; which was apart of the Red Off-Shoulder Safari Suit.



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