Ask and Tell: Halle Berry's Michelle My Belle T-Shirt -Where to Get It?

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Michelle My Belle T-Shirt

The Item: Actress Halle Berry’s Michelle My Belle T-Shirt as seen when serving up some serious streetstyle. Halle was out and about busily promoting her new film, Kidnap.

You Asked: HEYYYYYY! 1966 I can’t find Halle’s shirt on her. I tracked down the brand she wore but they are ignoring me! I noticed others asking them about it on their page and they haven’t commented at all! Do you know how to get a shirt and how much it cost??

Ask and Tell: Halle Berry’s Michelle My Belle T-Shirt Streetstyle Look

The Verdict: Don’t you just hate that! Find something you want and it’s like conducting an FBI search just trying to found out a few details. Well, it looks as though The Spiders of Arts brand who makes the shirt isn’t giving up any info. If you want a shirt directly from them the only way to get it is to contact them through email.

Or you can try another company who basically sales the same awesome Michelle My Belle T-shirt. Through our thorough and exhaustive search we found quite few sellers online. Prices for this particular garment seem to range from $19 to around $30. Depending on what size or style (regular tee or tank) that you desire.

Michelle My Belle T-Shirt

If searching online try: FizzStyle, TeeDucky, T Shirt Czar, Teesspot or TeeYeTi. All of those merchants sell the shirt that you are after. FizzStyle seemed to have the most selection in terms of style and size.

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Michelle My Belle T-Shirt