Oprah's Hairstylist Andre Walker Spills the Deets on Summer Hair!

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Is all of this recent heat causing your hair to look a little beat? A beat face in the beauty world may mean a good thing, but when it comes to our tresses lackluster locks are not praiseworthy. Rain or shine we want to look fabulous 24/7. Andre Walker, Oprah’s longtime hairstylist and creator of Andre Walker Hair, has the perfect remedies for fighting summer frizz and maintaining sexy hair in the unforgiving heat.

1.      Use Q-Oil  by Andre Walker Hair                                        

The Q-Oil is great for controlling summer frizz and is recommended for all hair types.


2.      Braid your hair

Braids are cool and clean looking in summer heat. A French braid in the front will keep hair from falling your face, while a side fishtail braid can be a very sexy option.


3.      Try a pulled back knot

A pulled back knot is intriguing and can show off a great pair of earrings. Try securing the knot on different areas of your head, like on top, or to the right or left side of your nape. Pulling the hair together in these ways, beats both heat and frizz.




Q-Oil by Andre Walker Hair, $35, available at www.andrewalkerhair.com and www.doobop.com