Editor's Diary: Louis Vuitton Le Jour Se Leve - NEW Spring Fragrance!

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Louis Vuitton Le Jour Se Leve

Dear Diary,

Thanks to my mother I can not in my right mind walk out my home without a whiff of fragrance trailing behind me. My mom’s go to was always White Diamonds (by the late Elizabeth Taylor) or Chanel No.5; plus one from France whose name currently slips me (sorry mom). Nevertheless, I have always loved to switch it up depending on the season. Now that spring is upon us I am beyond excited about all the new perfume releases; including the spanking new Louis Vuitton Le Jour Se Leve!

Louis Vuitton Le Jour Se Leve

No not the classic the movie. You see, Le Jour Se Leve is the title of a French film that is over 75 years old. Released back in June of 1939, the film starring Jean Gabin is considered to be one of the greatest in French movie history. While having the same name as an iconic film is cool that is not the reason I am obsessing over LV’s newest addition.

Louis Vuitton Le Jour Se Leve – NEW Spring Fragrance

Louis Vuitton Le Jour Se Leve

What is the real meaning of Le Jour Se Leve? When translated into English it is, “The day begins.” Usually, in spring we think of renewal or a fresh start. This is due to the flowers blooming, beautiful greenery everywhere and the sun shining brightly. How can one not love such tantalizing calmness?

Nevertheless, now the season of new beginnings is bottled up and ready to wear. Fashion house Louis Vuitton is taking all the spring season vibes into consideration for their newest scent. LV explains,

“Introducing Le Jour Se Leve: a new fragrance from Louis Vuitton that radiates luminous optimism. The essence of the sun’s first rays.

The LV Parfums Collection is updated with Le Jour Se Leve, an optimistic and stimulating breath of early morning air. Perfumer Jacques Cavalier Belletrud captured a comforting freshness using mandarin illuminated by sambac jasmine and blackcurrant accords. Discover the new fragrance in Louis Vuitton stores and at louisvuitton.com now.”

Louis Vuitton Le Jour Se Leve

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