How to Get Shiny Hair!

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how to get shiny hair2

Ever watched a hair commercial and say to yourself, “Man, I wish my hair looked like that!” Well, without all the lights, glam squad, retouching and editing magic you can get shinier, healthy locks. Unfortunately, many of the products on the market for black women will make their mane worse, not better, so taking a more natural approach to haircare is really the best way to go.

For shinier, healthier tresses you need to apply a hair mask that includes moisture and protein to make hair nice and strong. In a bowl combine coconut oil (moisture) and egg whites (protein) then heat the mixture in the microwave for half a minute. Next, apply the homemade hair mask to your hair and let it sit for 15-20 minutes before rinsing. Shampoo your hair like normal and enjoy your shiny strands!

how to get shiny hair