Hair of the Week: Alicia Keys "Halo" Crown Braid

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Hair of the Week Alicia Keys Halo Crown Braid

We love a stylish braid because this hair look is so great for black hair. It serves as one of the protective hairstyles which means your strands will be protected from harm while fashioned in this style. For instance, your ends are safely tucked in keeping them from rubbing against something or the elements so that they do not fray or split.

Moreover, besides being deemed safe for tresses it is also versatile for day and nighttime wear. Hairstyles that can be worn day or night will save you time and much needed energy! Plus, if taken care of this particular style should last at least a few days before needing to be refreshed or restyled. Sweet!

We spotted Alicia Keys with her own version of the Halo aka crown braid. Alicia chose to have her crown braided and wrapped around down into a single braid. A great version in order to look like a laid back goddess.

So then, how do you make this style your own? Here are two great tutorials that will help you get the look!

Do you prefer to braid than twist to achieve this hair look? Then you will want to check out this one:

Okay, but what if you are horrible at twisting and braiding is like well, don’t even think about it LOL. There is an even EASIER way to get this look by using a braid extension. If you have two left hands so to speak then here is the simple way to create the crown dutch braid:

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