Give Your Feet Some Love and Honey

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Give Your Feet Some Love and Honey

Summer is the time when the pedicure as well as sandal reigns supreme. However, nothing can kill a look faster than a pair of dry, callous and cracked feet. During the season dry feet may occur due to the area you live in, lots of walking or the heat of the day is literally sucking out any moisture. Nevertheless, showing your feet a little attention and love can get them looking fabulous!

Next time you notice a change in the condition of your feet for the worse try giving them a good soak or “bath.” Mix one cup of honey in a gallon of water and allow your feet to hang out there for fifteen minutes. Doing this treatment will help to bring back needed moisture into your skin. Honey is actually a natural antiseptic or purifying treatment that makes it one of the safest ingredients around to be used in beauty procedures.

Give Your Feet Some Love and Honey2

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