Get Your Man Right: Layer Like A Player

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Get Your Man Right Layer Like A Player

Alright guys layering is not difficult to pull off and can give you a nice classic look in seconds. If you have ever taken a plaid shirt and placed it over a t-shirt then you my friend have attempted and succeeded in layering an ensemble. See it is a very simple look that can instantly give an outfit more depth and drama.

With winter just around the corner sweater weather is quickly approaching. As reported this trend is going to be a hot commodity for the ladies but will also be a must-have for guys as well. Therefore, what is the easiest way to layer like a true player?

First off, guys we get it… in man fashion if its not comfortable you are not likely to wear it. So invest in a pair of denim that is a combination of a great fit without having to sacrifice being comfy. Next, choose a just a relaxed undershirt to under a sweater so that if you got too hot the shirt and jeans would still play. We have found that solid colored tees are perfect because there’s no confusion as to whether it will match or not.

Finally, cop a sweater as well as a pair of winter boots and you are good to go. Once again sweaters that are all one color are a no-brainer when it comes to layering, but if you are not a conservative gent do not be afraid to play with color, pattern and geometric design.

Get Your Man Right Layer Like A Player2

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