Fenty Beauty Full Frontal Mascara -Lift, Curl and Lengthen!

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Fenty Beauty Full Frontal Mascara

Now we understand why there’s no album! Rihanna has been busier than a bee; making sure that all of or beauty wishes come true in 2020! One of them being a product that can transform our lashes into seductive weapons. POW! Here comes the Fenty Beauty Full Frontal Mascara to lengthen and curl your lashes like never before!

Fenty Beauty Full Frontal Mascara -Lift, Curl and Lengthen

So what does this mascara do? Let’s hear from the big Boss herself on this one, shall we? In regards to her new makeup drop Rihanna reveals,

“Ya done know that Fenty Beauty was coming to dominate the mascara game too! Full Frontal Mascara with a brush that lifts lashes on the fat side, and defines and curls on the flat side! Get it when it drops on January 16th at fentybeauty.com.”

Fenty Beauty Full Frontal Mascara

Uhm, say it with us one time y’all… BOMB! A real jack-of-all-trades mascara instead of needing to mix or apply a couple of products to achieve a similar result. Nevertheless, the Fenty Beauty brand had a few more words of description to add in regards to Full Frontal. The brand states,

“If y’all wanted to know the secret to Rihanna’s poppin’ lashes, the wait is over! Full Frontal Mascara –a water resistant–, longwearing, and smudge resistant formula with a brush that lifts lashes on the fat side; and defines and curls on the flat side.

Finally blessing y’all with a mascara! Get eye-opening full-on, fanned out lashes with Full Frontal Mascara; a do-it-all mascara featuring an exclusive flat-to-fat brush that instantly volumizes, lifts, lengthens and curls. Set your calendars cause it’s dropping on January 16.”

Fenty Beauty… our souls are prepared. So did you guys catch all that. Well, just in case your coffee or matcha hasn’t kicked in; here is a cheat sheet of all the benefits of Full Frontal Mascara!

  • Water Resistent
  • Super Longwear
  • Curling Power
  • Lift Lashes
  • Add Great Lengths
  • Volumizes Each Strand
  • Smudge Resistent Formula
  • Dual Action Brush

Impressive right? Well, that is quick overview of this product. NEVERTHELESS, if you have time to really dive in KEEP READING! Or come back and finish the rest of this feature. Because we went DEEP and got even more intel as well as Pricing! WOO!

Fenty Beauty’s Full Frontal Mascara -Lift, Curl and Lengthen (Continued)

As promised, here are more details. According to Fenty Beauty their mascara can give you:

“Get full on lashes like never before with Full Frontal Volume, Lift & Curl Mascara. Designed to deliver Rihanna’s full lash look. Full Frontal’s do-it-all formala is clinically proven to volumize, lengthen; lift and curl lashes. Exposing every little lash with eye-opening definition.

Full Frontal’s lightweight, ultra black formula was specifically paired with an exclusive flat-to-fat brush. The FAT side holds max product to quickly load and lift lashes. The FLAT side defines and curls. And thanks to the round, pointed tip, you can load up and reveal every little lash you never knew you had. We’re talking flat to fat… just like that.

Full Frontal builds easily, too, giving you plenty of playtime to layer, define, separate –whatever it is you need to do to create the look you want. And thanks to longwear, water-resistant formula life-tested by Rihanna to stand up to smudging; sweat, tears, this mascara keeps up while you turn up. Keeping lashes fully exposed from root to tip until you’re ready to wash it off.”

Fenty Beauty’s Full Frontal Mascara -What We Love

First of all, the fact that it is smudge proof is bringing tears to our eyes. And the fact that once such tears come to fruition we STILL don’t have to worry about it… FABULOUS! No more raccoon eyes or lower lash darkness. Your mascara will stay where it rightfully belongs… on your lashes.

However, most importantly is the effort that went into the wand and brush. For the last several years people have been in search of a mascara that can do it all. Basically, give the masses “faux lash” looking eyes without all the additional work.

There have been some valiant efforts in the field. From different formula combinations to two product kits. With one item for fibers to apply and the other to then finish creating the illusion of fuller, longer lashes.

All of that is fine and dandy; but still did not fix the issues of there being a product. Just one solid product that can handle that task. That is… not till Rihanna. And that my friends is why she continues to innovate and purely dominate the industry.

She sees an issue, reviews a product and actually enhances it. Plus, she listens to her market, we said lash products please and she goes off and gets it developed. Rihana we are still in need of nail polish; but we will wait on your orders Queen (LOL)!

Nevertheless, a little more on the significance of this flat to fat brush. In times past a person had to choose. A decision had to be made if you either wanted volume or length. Most makeup companies year after year only came out with mascara that could handle one or the other.

Don’t believe? Well, a quick Google search will land you several names of mascara advertising MEGA Lashes, Lengthening Mascara, Curling Formula; all separate products. However, now with Rihanna you don’t have choose and you don’t need a kit. All you need is a flick of your wrist.

This is product that is not dependent on formula only. It is an advanced mascara with an exclusive brush design to create magazine worthy lashes.

What We Love Continued

Moreover, mascara brushes have definitely come a long way. You may recall some past designs; all with the intent of giving us the lashes we crave. There have been REALLY big brushes; designed with the thinking that bigger means better. A good invention that unfortunately afterawhile no longer made sense.

Also, there’s been designs for helping to get those pesky little hairs to act right. From balls to more severe spikes, companies have attempted it all; in order to get every last lash to stand to attention.

How does Rihanna’s product rank to all of them? In our opinion, pretty darn high. Her design allows for all angles of the lash line to be completely saturated with product. Additionally, the design allows for creativity; to give some parts more curl while focusing on more volume in other spaces. Sort of like with eyelash extensions. Depending on whether you want a more natural or dramatic result is how you place each individual strand. Or where you will place the longer and shorter lashes in proportion to the eye.

Fenty Beauty Full Frontal Mascara works in the exact same way. Depending on the look you are after is what side of the brush you will use. Therefore, a single brush that can achieve those types of capabilities will always rate above the average, usual spoilie design.

Fenty Beauty’s Full Frontal Mascara -Pricing and Where to Buy

Want to buy the new Fenty Beauty Mascara? Of course you do! Well, as Rihanna mentioned this new item will be available for purchase online on the Fenty Beauty website. Which is simply: www.fentybeauty.com. However there are a few other places that will also have this awesome mascara up for grabs. Get yours at:

  • Sephora
  • Harvey Nichols
  • Boots UK
  • Sephora in JCP

Plenty of places to shop; HOWEVER do not get complacent. As we all know whenever there is new Fenty Beauty to be had it DOES NOT stay on a shelf for long. Therefore, if you want to add it to your makeup bag, we suggest snatching one up ASAP!

We heard through the cosmetics grapevine that can pre-order through Harvey Nichols. If you preorder now you will already be on the list to make the January 16th delivery. So if that is something you would like, better get on it NOW.

Nonetheless, how much our your coins will you have to shell out to own the Fenty Beauty Full Frontal Mascara. Don’t worry it is not as bad as you think. The price? Get yours now for just $24! We are already in line, are you?

Fenty Beauty Full Frontal Mascara

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