Fenty Beauty Mascara -5 Influencers Test it Out and Review!

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Fenty Beauty Mascara

Product descriptions are one thing, but seeing is believing! The Fenty Beauty Mascara is blowing up the Internet because; it is dropping THIS MONTH coming in at a price point of $24. If you would like full details of about every single thing this mascara has to offer be sure to read our EXCLUSIVE on the new FB product! But because we got nothing but love for all our makeup lovers; here are a few highlights to note:

  • Get hours upon hours of long-lasting wear
  •  Reimagined brush with curl as well as lengthening capabilities
  •  Smudge proof against sweat and tears ( making it great for those dates that go wrong and for those cute gym selfies we all must post LOL)
  • Water Resistant (come summer you will be good hun… i.e. pool and beauty party)
  • Define and Separate every single lash ( no more gross clumps… ew…)

Fenty Beauty Mascara

Nevertheless, let’s get to the task at hand. What are beauty addicts saying about Full Frontal Mascara? Well, thus far things seem be nothing but positive. However, don’t just take out word for it. Scroll on to see what 5 beauties from influencers to pro makeup artists have to say.

Fenty Beauty Mascara -5 Influencers Test it Out and Review

Okay y’all here we go! This five ladies were told to be SUPER honest about Rihanna’s new product. So then, what you are reading are truly their thoughts and opinions. YES!

Test and Review Number One

Name: Ahliyah Michelle

Instagram Handle: @ahliyah.michelle

Intel: “I feel naked without falsies but I had to try Fenty Beauty’s new Full Frontal Mascara! The flat side of the wand fluffs up the lashes effortlessly.”


Mascara Test and Review Number Two

Name: Tatiana Roseart

Instagram Handle: @tatianaroseart

Intel: An announcement that I’m wearing the new Fenty Beauty full frontal mascara, and I just might have found a new fave??? You can wear a light even layer like I am in the pic or build it to the exact intensity you love. You can buy this baby in store at Sephora on the 16th.


Test and Review Number Three

Name: Teaira Walker

Instagram Handle: @teairawalker

Intel: Dripped in Fenty Beauty. Today I used the new Fenty Beauty Full Frontal to get this soft natural glam. This mascara has a unique flat to fat brush that helps product volumize, lifts, lengthens and curl lashes. I’m telling y’all now, if you are in need of a great mascara, y’all should cop this!

Fenty Beauty Mascara (Continued)


Mascara Test and Review Number Four

Instagram Handle: @curlsfothegirls

Intel: Falsies WHERE?! The NEW Fenty Full Frontal Mascara is that girl! The flat side of the wand defines and curls lashes, and the fat side loads and lifts! This mascara delivers volume, length and lift in the ultra black shade Cuz I’m Black!


Test and Review Number Five

Name: Angela Bright

Instagram Handle: @angelabright

Intel: The shape of the wand is so unique and it does a great job at grabbing every lash. I also love how the tube “clicks” when you close it so you know your mascara is actually closed and won’t dry out as quick. [BTW] I’m also wearing the Brow MVP Brow Pencil in dark brown.

Fenty Beauty Mascara

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