CoverGirl Clean Fresh Prep & Set Water Mist-Refresh, Ready+Hydrate!

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CoverGirl Clean Fresh Prep & Set Water Mist


It’s here, and it’s fabulous! CoverGirl Clean Fresh Prep & Set Water Mist is a dual purpose spray that will help give you the perfect makeup finish! Whether you need a good base for application; or some serious control to hold your look in place; this mist will help you achieve it.

How? Hydration. Uhm… what is moisture going to do for makeup? For starters, make your skin look absolutely amazing. Think about this: If your skin is drier than the desert will it look its very best with tons of makeup on top? Not likely.



Dry skin looks dull, lifeless and at times even bumpy under makeup. Whereas smooth, soft skin that is nicely moisturized looks gorgeous with any makeup look. Therefore, having your skin starting off with and ending with a nice shot refreshing moisture can go a long way in making your beauty looks STUN onlookers!

CoverGirl Clean Fresh Prep & Set Water Mist-Refresh, Ready+Hydrate

So what does the CoverGirl brand have to say about their new product release? The cosmetics and skincare label says,

“Cool as a… cucumber. NEW product alert!! Introducing our new CleanFresh Prep and Set Water Mist. Enjoy a blast of hydration before and after your makeup application. Available in 3 scents: rose, cucumber and citrus. Shop at ULTA.



CoverGirl Clean Fresh Prep and Set Water Mist hydrates, preps and refreshes skin. The makeup finishing spray is available in three unique fragrances: rose, cucumber, and citrus. The prep and set mist is vegan. Formulated without phthalates, mineral oil, formaldehyde, talc, parabens; or sulfates. PRO TIP: Apply the face primer spray before makeup to prep skin and after to set makeup.”

There you have it. it is time to give your skin the boost it deserves! Get your Mist spray at the CoverGirl website or at ULTA. Each bottle currently retails for just $9.99!



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