Cardi B x Reebok - The Hot New Deal Bringing Shoes and Apparel!

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Cardi B x Reebok

Who’s copping a pair? The lid has been on TIGHT in regards to this latest shoewear development between hip hop royal, Cardi B and the iconic street shoe brand, Reebok. However, just this week, sneaker heads and Cardi fans were treated to a little sneak peek; proving that the Cardi B x Reebok collab is in fact about to be on and in full effect!

Cardi B x Reebok – The Hot New Deal Bringing Shoes and Apparel!

In a very teasing manner the Reebok, Reebok Classic and Cardi B social platforms released a Boomerang gif of Cardi in a new shoe; with a caption advertising the “Cardi-bok.” For those, who wanted additional information, the pages served up a link to the Reebok website with the promise of finding out more.

Cardi B x Reebok

SAVE YOURSELF A CLICK (Lol). It’s a total clickbait and you will not even find as much as paragraph with a description of the upcoming collaboration. NEVERTHELESS, what you will find if interested is a sign up page to be the first to find out more about the upcoming Cardi sneaker.

Signing up is simple and no different than most brands. All it requires is you name, email address and birth date. Fill it out and you will be “in the know.”

As one can see, details currently are quite scarce but word on the street is that 26-year-old Cardi will have a hand in helping to resurrect and promote the brand’s “Aztrak” design. Also, do you like that track suit Cardi is rocking? Well, you soon you could be adding to your closet because the Reebok partnership also promises new apparel.

Cardi B x Reebok

This is certainly a good look for Cardi B as the race for rap dominance continues to be a hot topic. Cardi joins the ranks of Missy Elliott, Pharrell, and Beyoncé hubby Jay Z as artists who have inked a deal with Reebok. Moreover, so far Cardi’s collabs from Steve Madden to Marc Jacobs have been super successful. Therefore, there is no reason to expect that this one will be any different.