Black Hair Care: Dry Hair With a Paper Towel

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black hair care paper towel to dry hair

They don’t call it the quilted paper picker upper for nothing! Investing in a roll of Bounty or other brand of paper towels could be the simplest as well as cheapest fix to preventing your hair from looking like a finger was inserted into a socket. It has become widely known the average towel can be not only too rough on strands but can cause added frizz.

Now if you are a natural hair wearing lady preventing curls or waves from losing shape or puffing into some unknown entity is probably of utmost concern. To combat this issue many women choose to use a tee shirt because of the softer fibers in order to help remove excess water from their hair. Another option would be simply to use a paper towel.

Paper towels will cause less friction and absorb more water than a towel made out of cloth. Moreover, since more water is absorbed then hair drying and styling can be sped up. To decrease puffiness, gently wring your tresses with a paper towel after washing and conditioning. Even though this tip was mentioned with naturalistas in mind, it would work for anyone drying their hair.

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