Esalon-Revolutionizing the Home Hair Color Market, One Woman at a Time

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Not since the “Miss Clairol” home hair color kit debuted in 1956, has a company revolutionized the industry like startup – by delivering custom, salon color to a client’s door, for less than they would tip a colorist!

Other brands can use all the adjectives in the world to describe their mass-produced, boxed color. They’re still mass produced. Each bottle of eSalon pigment, unlike pre-mixed box brands, is individually blended for clients based on their personal hair profile. Clients are asked about gray percentage, skin tone, eye color, color history, and more, to create the most flattering shade.

eSalon’s color crew of experts analyse clients’ details and create custom formulations from an unlimited  number of color optionseSalon Accessories—which clients are guaranteed to love. Their quality hair color and proprietary mixing technology ensure a perfect match every time. The color is bottled, labeled with the client’s name (because it’s made for them and no one else), and delivered within days.

eSalon was founded in 2010 by Francisco Gimenez,  visionary e-commerce entrepreneur, and is backed by Tamim Mourad, Cory Rosenberg and Omar Mourad. They were the team behind, the pioneer price-comparison site acquired by Experian in 2005. The group partnered with Estelle Baumhauer, international master colorist and now eSalon’s Color Director, to develop the line.

Baumhauer, who has over 20 years’ experience at prestige salons around the world, brings an artistic perspective and a superb sense of fashion to her work. “It is exciting for me to make great professional color available to all women, not just to women of means,” Baumhauer adds.

Experiencing phenomenal growth since its creation four years ago, eSalon has shipped nearly one million hair color applications, and expanded into Canada and the United Kingdom. “Until now a woman’s only options were to spend $100 or more in a salon, or face endless aisles of mediocre drugstore color. We’ve turned the color market on its head and are excited about our continued success and confirmation of our vision,” Gimenez said.

eSalon has gained national attention from leading publications, including Entrepreneur, Wall Street Journal, Good Housekeeping and Lucky; won “Best of the Web” by InStyle and Total Beauty’s Readers’ Choice Award for Best Hair Color in 2013 and 2014.