We See You Sun!

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When most people think of sun damage the first thing that may come to mind is their skin. However, it is not just your skin you need to be worried about when it comes down to the sun’s harmful rays. The sun literally sucks the moisture out of our hair like a straw in a soda pop can.

Therefore, after prolonged exposure your tresses can begin to look like a character straight out of the Wizard of Oz… straw. To help your locks maintain moisture and lustrous shine you need to wear or use materials to shield them. Hats, scarves and umbrellas are great stylish accessories to get this task done. Also, by styling your hair in a braid or bun can help to protect delicate ends from getting damaged.

Summer Hair Inspiration: Rihanna never goes wrong in the hair or personal style department. Whether loose or curly RiRi shows that a chignon can be flirty and fun!

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