VIDEO: See BTS Footage of Serena William's Harper's Bazaar November 2015 Shoot!

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VIDEO See BTS Footage of Serena William's Harper's Bazaar November 2015 Shoot

She won’t stop, can’t stop and we absolutely love it all! Serena Williams has conquered the court, the catwalk (as a model and designer) and has even blown away the masses as a major magazine cover girl. Williams has been on numerous covers this year including Vogue back in April as well as when she dropped the proverbial model mic by doing the splits for New Yorker magazine (August 2015). Serena Williams has solidified herself as being a true queen inside and out!

We feel the need to quote Drake here for just a moment… clears throat… “You know it’s beauty when her smile is her best curve.” Serena truly does have one of the most beautiful smiles in the game, but we love her for ALL of her curves too! Besides, her stunning physique it is Serena’s personality and drive that also inspires and influences women the world over.

VIDEO See BTS Footage of Serena William's Harper's Bazaar November 2015 Shoot2

For their November issue Harper’s Bazaar is celebrating women who are not afraid to be daring. In a very honest interview Serena discusses how she feels confident in her profession because she has been at since the tender age of 3. Moreover, she goes on to say that she believes some people were born to do a certain thing and she has not missed her calling because she was born to be a tennis player. With 21 Grand Slam titles under her belt it is very hard to disagree with those statements. Nevertheless, Williams did admit to one fear in particular stating,

“Every time I go down a red carpet, I get a little nervous. I’ve done it 20,000 times, but you’d be surprised. I always have to take a deep breath before I go out there. Put on a brave, bold pose.”

We would have never even guessed that by the way Williams looks like so relaxed on the red carpet. However, goes to show that all of us are humans and deal with some sort of anxiety, but it is impossible to be strong enough to overcome them. Along those lines Serena mentioned what being daring means to her by saying,

“Daring to me is taking a chance but not doing it blindly. A very calculated chance. Think of amazing women like Sheryl Sandberg and Oprah Winfrey—they’re daring, but they’re not jumping off a building without a parachute, you know? You have to be smart about it. You can’t be afraid to be a pioneer and take a chance and speak up and just be bold.”

Amen to that Serena Williams and may we are continue to trek through life being daring and taking chances for the better. Want to see a Behind the Scenes look at Serena Williams Harper’s Bazaar photoshoot lensed by Douglas Friedman? Keep scrolling…

Fashion Notes: Yes, white after Labor Day is okay ladies. We just love Williams’ white Ralph Lauren jumpsuit paired with sandals by Christian Louboutin.

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