Versace Home Rhapsody Collection -Add Decadence to Your Home Decor

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Versace Home Rhapsody Collection

Add luxe detailing to your home with items from the brand new Versace Home Rhapsody Collection! A décor line that perfectly explores the look and feel of all things Versace. If you love the label’s clothing; then this collection will be a total dream for you!

For example, a few designs incorporate aspects of the infamous Versace safety pin dress; helped made iconic by model, Elizabeth Hurley back in the 90’s. As a result, furniture has been created with details including: logo lettering, bondage straps and of course, pins.

These touches help to keep a “true to self” feel throughout the line. It is nice to see Versace not deviating from what its fan base and admirers have come to expect and know.

Versace Home Rhapsody Collection

This home collection is a mix of a little bit of everything. From chairs/seating, pillows, candles, tables, lighting and even rugs. Transform your home easily with pieces with the signature Versace gold accent touch!

Versace Home Rhapsody Collection -Add Decadence to Your Home Decor

The new Versace Home collection encapsulates the Versace lifestyle. The luxury furniture translates the recognizable brand aesthetic into interior design. The Versace Home collection spans from: bedroom; dining, living room and newly introduced outdoor pieces.

Versace Home’s Rhapsody line boasts the heritage Barocco pattern and leather accents. [Moreover] Barocco lettering and heritage Safety Pin; hardware embellish supple leather furniture.

[Furthermore], Versace Home furniture is crafted from only the highest quality materials. Wood, leather and tapestry-jacquard upholstery. [Our] furniture is complemented with exceptionally crafted porcelain and crystal accents; created in collaboration with Rosenthal.

Design of the lighting collection reinterprets the house codes featuring a multicolor Medusa motif. Modern furniture from the Rhapsody line features gold tone Medusa-shape legs.

Encapsulating the brand’s aesthetic; the Versace Home wallpaper collection encompasses the love of both classical art and innovative modernity. Delicate Barocco flowers in gold tones are on Verace Home wallpapers.

Rhapsody Collection

Versace Home Rhapsody Collection

Our Take: A lot times we constantly get asked about who we believe would enjoy a particular home design. When it comes to this Rhapsody collection we are narrowing it down to two groups.

For instance, if you LOVE vibrant color this line will work great with your personal style. Several pieces are VERY bold. Therefore, if conservative style is something you go running from in the opposite direction. Versace’s home decor is anything but that. So shop up.

Versace Home Rhapsody Collection

Also, if you adore decadence in the form of the Midas’ Touch; this is your lucky décor day! Versace Home is full of gold accented pieces that will increase the element of luxury to your home. Plus, if you wish to tone things down a bit; BUT still want some gold touches, try out the Versace lamps or black/gold Safety Pin hardware furniture. It’s a hard to ignore look that can be slightly muted to blend in if necessary.

On a side note, for any who love a good accent wall without the commitment; be sure to check out Versace’s wall paper options. Once again, the overall design is BOLD; so if you are not the type that likes the art of being “extra;” then you might want to stir clear.

However, if you love dramatic design this wallpaper will pack a powerful punch to any room. We personally believe it works better as an accent than a full on all over every wall look. Yet, there are always ways to pull it off if you are really feeling it.

Time to Get Yours

Versace’s new home collection entitled “Rhapsody” is finally out now! As mentioned, these are pieces that will work all over your home. Whether it is for your living room, study, or bedroom; you will find awesome designs to enrich any area.

Therefore, discover Versace’s new lineup of items for your home! Where can you find it? Shop it online at Versace website. Head to:

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Versace Home Rhapsody Collection

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