Jetsetting Just Got Real! Travel Like a Queen Using the Shelfpack

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Travel Like a Queen Using the Shelfpack!3

Traveling is fun its the packing that sucks. We obsess over every detail and every look. Do I have enough shoes? Are there equal amounts of day and nighttime wear? My god please tell me I packed enough undies! With Shelfpack all of those worries can be reduced. Shelfpack is reinventing the art of packing.

Travel Like a Queen Using Shelfpack

Okay so what is so great about this piece of luggage. It looks like any other bag on the market. That is until you open it up. The Shelfpack does exactly as it sounds. It comes complete with shelves. It is the portable closet you’ve always dreamed of having!

After unzipping you simply pull up two supports and follow with the shelves. The shelving secures itself at the top of the supports. This drastically cuts down on messy packaging and allows an user to be more organized. Want to see the Shelfpack in action? Check out this short video which gives a few more details along with the demonstration.

Specs and Worries

We always like bad news first so lets get any worries out the way. This innovative piece of luggage weighs 14.5 pounds. Any traveler knows that on a plane weight counts! Weight equals more money. Therefore, definitely something to keep in mind.

Also, although the video shows an easy transition of the shelves into place it doesn’t show the return of everything back into its original form. Nevertheless, there does seem to be an ease to assembling the Shelfpack so maybe it is all about practice.

One thing we also liked is that this product comes complete with a Lifetime Warranty. Warranties always help to calm the mind when making a purchase. This product is very out of the box so its nice to know you are covered just in case.

Travel Like a Queen Using the Shelfpack!

Miss Michigan 2015 Review

“I’m on the road more than I’m home and I’ve found this suitcase to be a life saver. No more digging to find things. No more wrinkled beyond recognition gowns. Everything fits PERFECT and I can even leave staple items on their shelves and I’m ready for the next adventure. I get so many questions about my bag and I am happy to show how it works! What an AWESOME invention for people like me! Thank you!”

Travel Like a Queen Using the Shelfpack!2

-Shaylett Stuckey, Mrs Michigan America 2015

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