Strappy Heels – Why We Wear Them?

Strappy Heels for 2015
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Strappy heels are slinky, sexy and seductive, plus they make us look really hot. Am I right?

But did you know that a few centuries ago, men wore high heels first? In the 1600’s, European aristocratic men wore the heels as a sign of status. They reasoned that only a person who didn’t have to work for a living could possibly wear such impractical footwear.

About a century later women began to wear heels as a way to appropriate masculine power.

They also began cutting their hair and adding epaulettes to their outfits. Eventually even the “lower classes” began to wear heels, which didn’t sit well with the Aristocrats. The elite class began to wear higher and higher heels to distinguish themselves from the poor folks.

Eventually men stopped wearing heels because they became associated with women and the “lower class” and they wanted no part of either of those groups. Following that movement came the age of Enlightenment, which stressed practicality. Wearing heels wasn’t practical, so in time every one stopped wearing heels.

So, what are we doing wearing heels now since they stopped wearing them back in the day?

Well thanks to pornography, high heels made a comeback. Mid nineteenth century pornographers began posing female nudes in high heels and the rest, as they say, is history.

If someone tells you that your strappy heels are a little on the slutty side I guess you can’t get offended by that! Of course, it’s not likely that any of us are going to give up our sexy, little sling-backs in spite of their dubious history, so here are some strappy heels for you to enjoy.

Heels that are strappy

Strappy sexy heels

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