Spotted: Beyonce in NYC Getting Her MAC On!

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Spotted Beyonce in NYC Getting Her MAC On

Yesterday evening the one and only Queen Bey was spotted walking the streets of New York City in head-to-toe black. She looked chic in an asymmetrical cut-out dress, pointed toe heels and leather jacket. As we mentioned in a post last year wear your jackets like a cardigan to up the style factor. Come on, no diva or fashionista really needs to put her arms through sleeves anymore! That’s like SO 2013 (LOL) we have progressed people! (HaHa).

Spotted Beyonce in NYC Getting Her MAC On2

Let’s move down to the feet area for just a moment. Bey accessorized her ensemble with an ankle bracelet, that was not over-powering but enough to make a delicate statement. Ankle bracelets are trending and be sure to look out for our future post of some of our current favorite styles!

Nevertheless, didn’t we say that Beyonce was getting her MAC on? Well, she definitely was showing why she is a boss lady and say it with us… HUSTLER, by toting a silver Apple Macbook. We are sure that Apple is salivating over these shots as her legions of fans are probably currently burning their PCs in order to make the switch. Okay, you know our humor none of the sort is happening or maybe it’s just cool to see celebrities using the same products that we do!

Spotted Beyonce in NYC Getting Her MAC On3 Spotted Beyonce in NYC Getting Her MAC On4

Hey question! What do you think of Bey’s look, loving or hating? Let us know…