Fashionable Mention: Sophia Webster Lorena Boot - Hottest Shoe of Fall!

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Sophia Webster Lorena Boot

Do you like or perhaps love the appeal of the classic boot heel? Do you prefer that your statement outfit pieces have more bling than a Tiffany’s store? Well, then Sophia Webster has the PERFECT shoe for you! It’s part boot, part crystals… and all style brawn. This is the hottest shoe for a glam night out this fall season, feast your couture eyes on the Sophia Webster Lorena Boot!

Fashionable Mention: Sophia Webster Lorena Boot – Hottest Shoe of Fall

Sophia Webster Lorena Boot

The reason why this particular shoe design gets a Fashionable Mention from us is because of its dual abilities. It can transform in seconds to a look that will fit any occasion. We’re talking day lunch, work, Girl’s Night, date night, you name it. Yet, how can one shoe be so inclusive in it’s design? Well the brand expounded on the Lorena Boot’s appearance from their Autumn/winter 2018 collection by stating,

“What’s better than one new boot? Two boots in one! The Lorena Boot can be worn with or without the crystal embellishment. How would you wear it?”

Sophia Webster Lorena Boot

Yes, dolls you read that statement completely right the first time. This shoe’s embellishment comes right off! Therefore, you can wear it as a more simplestic, classic black boot heel. Or jazz things up by placing on the unique crystal, ankle strap jewelry piece.

This makes this shoe design an effortless day to night boot heel. From the pictures in this post you will be able to see this boot in it’s entirety and “taken apart.” As one can see, it is a fun, stylish shoe that will definitely get you some couture attention!

Want a pair? The Lorena Boot retails for $1,o47.

Sophia Webster Lorena Boot

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