Soft Feet : 10 Footnanny Products That Will Solve ANY Issue!

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Soft Feet

It’s soft feet season… so dry, cracked feet are just not going to cut it! That’s because it’s time to break out those open toe heels, flip flops and ultra chic sandals. However, are your feet ready for their big reveal?

Don’t sweat it! Many suffer with dry to even callused feet; however, with the right products everything can instantly turn around for the better. How? By using products by the master of foot skincare, Footnanny!

For several years, this amazing company has been releasing numerous products all with the aim of making your feet soft, glamorous and touchable! As a result, We have compiled the top 10 (in our humble opinion); Footnanny products that will resolve your current feet issues; AND also provide the luxurious relaxation you so truly deserve. So then, read on to say goodbye to your feet’s dry skin for good!

Soft Feet : 10 Footnanny Products That Will Solve ANY Issue

In this section, we are going to allow Footnanny CEO, Gloria L. Williams, to describe to you each product, it’s benefits and also how to use it. Williams also always has an awesome story to go with each and every item in her product line.

Nevertheless, this is because she allows herself to be inspired by her past, family and also friends in order to create efficient products that really help consumers enjoy them on a personal level.

Product One: MOMMA

Story: Everyone has a special name for the Mother. My family’s special name for her was MOMMA. She was the reason our family smiled and Fresh Ginger definitely puts a smile on your face. Love and Miss you MOMMA… Your daughter Gloria.

Facts: Footnanny MOMMA Foot Cream is made with the foundation of footnanny cream brands which includes: Shea Butter; Cocoa Butter, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Essential Oil of Fresh Ginger.

Fresh Ginger is known to be a natural anti-inflammatory as well as relieve soreness. Ginger also refreshes your feet.

Product Two: CHARCOAL

Story: Well, there was not a barbeque in our neighborhood unless my Father did all the grilling. He would get up at 5am to begin th Charcoal Smoke and grill for the entire neighborhood, if needed. God bless you Daddy, miss your grilling… Love your daughter.

Facts: Footnanny CHARCOAL Soaking Salts are extremely detoxifying to your feet! Footnanny blends Charcoal, Himalayan Salts, Dead Sea Salts and Epsom Salts to allow your feet to soak and relax. Soak in this blend of salts for 30 minutes in extremely warm water.

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Product Three: GRANDMA

Story: Footnanny’s Grandma Marie had one of the best Banana Pudding Recipes in Alabama! We know your Grandma had one too!

Facts: We introduce to you Footnanny Grandma Banana Wafer Foot Cream. Now before you say WHAT… did you know Bananas contain high amounts of rutin. A compound that complements the activity of vitamin C, and helps to maintain strong, flexible blood vessels. Rutin also possesses antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

This foot cream blend contains Banana Essential Oil, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Protein; Cocoa Butter, and Shea Butter. Amazing for moisturizing Cracks and dry skin!

Product Four: SISTER

Story: The Sister of every Family knows how the family structure communicates and can be the force to keep her brothers together. The love of a SISTER be the Peach of the Family.

Facts: The fresh Essential Oil of Peach, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter; Vitamin A and Vitamin E brings the Footnanny SISTER Foot Cream to life! Your feet and legs will receive a refreshing moisturizing/revitalizing treat.

Product Five: SAGE

Facts: Try our HEMP Foot Balm! Footnanny Hemp Foot Balm is a perfect way to lavishly indulge your feet, legs and hands to an EXTREME moisturizing treatment. Hemp Oil has been used in hundreds of well-known beauty products for decades. And is known to ease dry skin, reduce inflammation and alleviate issues such as eczema or dry flakey skin.

Product Six: VEGAN Soaking Salts

Facts: Footnanny VEGAN Soaking Greens are packed with Green Protein that will relax your feet and soothe your soles. Enjoy the blend of Astragalus Root, Pink Himalayan Salt, French Sea Salt; Avocado Root and Ginger Root.

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Product Seven: TEA TREE

Facts: The aroma of Tea Tree is refreshing! The essential oil of tea tree is known to have an antibacterial, natural antifungal and antiseptic effect on your feet. Tea Tree is known best for Absorbing Sweaty Feet Moisture.

Massage on the entire foot, as well as the toenails once in the morning and once at night. Apply to feet twice daily.

Product Eight: LAVENDAR

Story: The aroma of Lavendar reminds me of my peaceful childhood moments. I hope it brings you the same feeling… Gloria.

Facts: Allow the aroma of lavender to RELAX your feet and your soul. The essential oil of lavender is used in the aromatherapy to relieve tension, anxiety and depression.  Lavender is also used to induce relaxation Rub this cream on your feet and sleep tight.

Product Nine: VANILLA

Facts: Indulge your feet! This is a very special blend of Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vanilla Blended Essential Oils. The aroma of Vanilla is known to be alluring and calming. Melt away your stress with Footnanny Vanilla Foot Cream.

Soft Feet

Product Ten: CHOCOLATE

Facts: The essential oil of chocolate is known to create a distressed mood, less anxious and more relaxed. Footnanny Chocolate Foot Cream is great when massaged on the feet and legs at the end of a stressful day.

One More Product You Must Check Out!

Bonus: COTTON CANDY (this one is added because it’s just so fun!)

Story: I remember my Father taking us to the neighborhood Circus when it was it town. The moment I saw the Cotton Candy, I was in heaven!

Facts: Enjoy on your feet, ankles, legs, hands and elbows. This foot cream has the Smell of Freshly Spun Cotton Candy on a warm summer day. Rub this cream on during the day or night.

So then, there you have it! 10 Footnanny products plus a fun extra sure to hydrate, revive and rejuvenate your skin giving you soft feet! Wish to purchase a Footnanny item? All product can be yours from

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Soft Feet

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