Smize Cream -Tyra Banks New Tasty Ice Cream Company!

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Smize Cream


What do you want on TOP… your ice cream cone?! Tyra Banks is bringing Smize Cream to the world and we are so hear for it! The top model and ANTM creator took to social media today to share the exciting news.

Playing off her iconic signature term on how to smile with your eyes, “SMIZE”… the smize worthy ice cream company is born! Already there is a separate Instagram page for the company. And the page reveals that Banks’ delicious

Smize Cream -Tyra Banks New Tasty Ice Cream Company

No one does ice cream like Tyra Banks… trust us! Being a diva supermodel, Banks is used to only the finest. Additionally, as with her hit television shows she is known for a good surprise or two!

With her ice cream, Tyra is not holding back at all. This will not just be about eating ice cream like normal… Tyra promises it will be a whole EXPERIENCE. How? Allow her to explain herself, in regards to her new ice cream venture Tyra reveals,

“One of my favorite things in the world is ice cream. As an avid entrepreneur, I’ve always wanted to created an ice cream company with amazing flavors for you to enjoy.



But great ice cream just wasn’t enough. I wanted to surprise and delight you too. SMIZE Cream is debuting this summer! So what is Smize Cream? Well… it’s a new, premium ice cream packed with sweet, savory and scrumptious goodies. Plus, a super secret edible surprise inside each serving called a Smize Prize.

[Yes] that’s not all. We’ve hidden luxurious, chunk-a-licious, rich, delectable, sweet truffle treat – a “SMIZE Prize”-inside every serving. Yep, every serving! The SMIZE Prize” will bring the SMIZE to your mouth and eye.”

Tyra Banks New Tasty Ice Cream Company



We have one ice cream flavor in our hands… the next big ice cream company is… Smize Ice Cream! Sorry, we could not resist (LOL). But as TyTy said some delicious dessert treats are coming your way soon.

As of right now, there is no exact launch date. However, the Smize ice cream brand is clearly stating that it will be available this summer! Therefore, no one will have to wait long in order to enjoy the next top ice cream flavors!

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