Smell Great Longer

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Fragrance has a way of leaving a memorable impression on all who are fortunate enough to get a whiff of you. Well, of course that is if you don’t overdo it. A nice subtle scent can make any woman instantly more irresistible.

However, making your fragrance last more than a few enticing minutes can be a real headache. I have come across charts that supposedly indicate all the areas on a woman that should be spritzed in order to have perfume linger for hours. Some of these points on the body do in fact work, but there is one trick in my arsenal that works every time.

To smell great all day long I like to mix lotion and my fragrance of choice together. I literally add a few drops of perfume to an unscented lotion that I have purchased at a drugstore. Then, I slather the concoction all over my legs. The oil from the lotion makes the scent last longer and saves me some drama.