Rose Water Hair Benefits-How It Can Help Improve Hair Growth!

Rose Water Hair Benefits
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Rose Water Hair Benefits


Hair Quickie: Is your hair dry, damaged or just in need of a boost to aid it in hair growth? Are you aware or wanting to discover about all of the Rose Water Hair Benefits you could be enjoying? Well, today is the day to change EVERYTHING!

Your hair needs the right circumstances and conditions in order to not only stay healthy, but begin maintaining growth. We say “maintaining” because your hair never actually stops growing. If you are noticing absolutely no more length or increased thickness; it means any growth achieved is not sticking around. Or growth is being stunted before it can become more noticeable. Let’s fix that, shall we?

Here is where Rose Water comes into play. What is Rose Water? Rose water is the result of distilling rose petals with steam. A skin and beauty treatment that is believed to have been used during the Middle Ages and even before that period. It something you can make right at home or buy already made.


Rose Water Hair Benefits


So what are the benefits of using rose water for your natural, straight, curly or kinky hair? For one thing, rose water is said to be able to stabilize the hair’s pH balance; since the water’s pH is very similar to that of hair. Why is hair pH is important?

A healthy hair pH level helps to protect your hair from culprits such as bacteria and fungus. It does this by sealing your hair’s cuticles in order to retain moisture as well as any natural oils. This thus helps to prevent pesky breakage. And as mentioned less breakage and damage; equals more noticeable hair growth. With a healthy pH level; your will have what it needs to maintain its elasticity and easier styling.

Rose Water Hair Benefits-How It Can Help Improve Hair Growth


Rose Water Hair Benefits


Some other benefits of rose water when it comes to hair is that it acts as an anti-inflammatory. With its natural antiseptic properties it can do A LOT to not only reduce; but lessen dandruff caused by fungal infections. This means that rose water acts like a mild astringent helping to reduce oiliness and dandruff.

Remember, for hair growth your hair and scalp need to possess the RIGHT conditions for you to see and maintain hair growth. So then, it is important to rid your hair of any hair issues that can get in the way of making that happen.

Furthermore, another helpful benefit of this water is that it can aid in repairing the hair’s damaged porosity. Hair porosity refers to your hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture. The porosity of your hair is VERY important because it affects how well oils as well as moisture passes in and out of the outermost layer of your hair; known as the “cuticle.”


Rose Water Hair Benefits


Broken down into Low, Normal or High; you want to fall withing the Normal range Normal porosity should allow the right amount of moisture to enter (so that hair doesn’t become dry); and prevent too much hydration from escaping.

When porosity isn’t right you will definitely notice a difference in your hair. For instance, High porosity hair can have gaps and holes in the cuticle. This condition can be caused by chemical processing, rough handling of tresses, or environmental damage. Such damage can let in too much moisture causing hair to tangle or be frizzy. Therefore, it is beneficial to fix any damage so that you do not ruin any hair growth; and Rose Water can help fix your hair’s damaged porosity.

Rose Water Hair Benefits- How to Use It and How Often is Safe



Now we’re sure that all of this talk about Rose Water sounds good. But you may now wonder how often can you use it on your hair; and how can it be applied? Rose Water can be utilized as a daily moisturizer. Plus, since it so effective it makes it an ideal natural method to use as part of your natural hair routine and regimen.

Simply fill a water or spray bottle with rose water after making some up. Then spritz your hair with it as necessary or when needed. However, one quick note, while rose infused water is extremely gentle; some may have an allergic reaction. Perhaps if they are sensitive to flowers for example. Therefore, be sure to text a small amount first on your skin or scalp just to be on the safe side.



So as a little cheat sheet and to summarize what has been discussed in this article. Here is a quickie recap of the benefits of Rose Water For Hair:

  • Maintains Hair Porosity Level
  • Moisturizes Dry and Frizzy Hair
  • Fights Dandruff
  • Triggers Hair Growth
  • Hydrates and Soothes Itchy Scalp
  • Adds a Calming Effect
  • Rejuvenates Hair Follicles
  • Treats Smelly Hair as well as Scalp
  • Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • Maintains pH Level of Hair



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