Ask and Tell: Christina Milian's Ronny Kobo bodysuit and Topshop Pants

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Ronny Kobo bodysuit

The Item: Christina Milian’s Ronny Kobo bodysuit and Topshop Pants. Milian who is apart of MTV’s 90’s House threw a serious style nod back to the decade of numerous trends.

You Asked: So is black like a trend or something now? I feel like I have been seeing it on a lot of people. I liked how Christina wore hers, the big baggy pants and big earrings. Do you know who her top and bottoms are by? I normally don’t care for anything that looks baggy because I think on a woman’s body it would hide the curves. But on Christina I still can see some sort of shape.

Ask and Tell: Christina Milian’s Ronny Kobo bodysuit and Topshop Pants

The Verdict: Black is one of those tones that are viewed as “classic.” It really never goes out of style and when done right can look absolutely amazing. Milian’s head to toe noire ensemble is an excellent example of this fashion fact.

Ronny Kobo bodysuit

For her street style look Christina work a black Ronny Kobo Bodysuit with matching pants by Topshop. Ronny Kobo is a popular fashion label that has also been spotted on the likes of Kelly Rowland and Jada Pinkett Smith.

Those fun, dangly earrings are by Diaboli Kill. They are known as the Diaboli Kill Gold Laela Hoop Earrings. This luxury jewelry and watches brand sells fine jewelry for women as well as men; all designed by Dominican-Egyptian designer Angie Marei.

Ronny Kobo bodysuit

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Ronny Kobo bodysuit