Rihanna Has Her Own Pajama Party

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Rihanna Has Her Own Pajama Party

Who of us wouldn’t to go to work in the most comfortable clothes we could find? Rihanna is hard at work creating hot new music and must of had that thought in mind. RiRi hit the studio super early in the morning in a cute pajama set.

Fashion stylists from around the world must of slightly cringed knowing they tell women to never leave the house to errands or anything in PJs. However, this is Rihanna people, she doesn’t have to stick to a certain set of fashion rules. Nevertheless, being that it was 3 in the morning can you really blame the doll? At least she looked hot doing it!

Rihanna Has Her Own Pajama Party3

Rihanna is working on R8 the next studio album in line to be released. By the looks of her dedication to her craft the album shall be one we will be blasting in our cars over and over again. One last note on her recent studio ensemble, we love those furry heels!

Rihanna Has Her Own Pajama Party4

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