Rihanna Covers Harper's Bazaar China August 2019 Issue!

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Rihanna Covers Harper's Bazaar China August 2019

Back together again! If you recall in 2015, Rihanna served MAJOR fierceness on a cover for China’s Harper’s Bazaar. Well, the pairing is back with a new set of photography that’s just as stunningly gorgeous. BEHOLD… Rihanna Covers Harper’s Bazaar China August 2019 Issue!

Rihanna Covers Harper’s Bazaar China August 2019 Issue

Why did Bazaar choose Rihanna as their August cover girl? The magazine states that it is because of Rihanna’s record-breaking career and glamorous personal style; among other things. In regards to Rih Bazaar says,

“Singer, icon, entrepreneur… Rihanna has different titles and gets more and more influence at the same time. With the influence, she chooses to make a voice for the minority; showing the incredible feminine power.

There is always a brave truthfulness on Rihanna. She doesn’t care about judgments from others, just keep in doing what she loves. After four years, Rihanna is back to be our cover star; and again shows when western style icon meets eastern aesthetic.

Being born in Barbados, Rihanna has worked her way up from ‘nobody’ to ‘somebody’ with her musical talents. She is now a role model for girls all over the world; and she is even the ‘king of pop.’

Titles and Things

Oh the controversy! Many did not like the comments referring to Rihanna as the ‘king of pop.’ Some felt being a woman she should be called a queen not a king. Additionally, the iconic Michael Jackson was THE only true “king of pop” recognized by most in the world; therefore, numerous music fans feel that the title should remain with him.

Harper’s Bazaar’s response? Well, this looks a case of mistaken meaning. The Editor of Harper’s Bazaar China had this to say:

“Our [August cover star] Rihanna, she is the queen of music and pop. [Her] changing image always breaks the imagination of everyone. [This is her] second time to board the Chinese version of Bazaar, [and this time too] she brings us amazing Chinese elements again!”

Therefore, to us in seems as though Bazaar China was just trying to show and indicate Rihanna’s powerful influence; as well as dominance in the pop industry in general. No one can deny her major success and it is something that should be recognized.

So then, congrats to Miss Fenty for breaking the music mold. Plus, hots off to Bazaar China for yet another stunning set of visuals featuring the one and only, Rihanna!


Editor-In-Chief – Simona Sha

Photography by ChenMan

Fashion Styling by WeiTan

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