Righting Wrongs With Concealor

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If you stay out long into the night the following morning you may need a little help from a friend named concealer. Oh what a joy such a product can be when it covers up your flaws effortlessly. However, apply it wrong and you may just find yourself at square one again.

When applying concealer you should pat on your concealer, not rub. When you rub you move the concealer to a different part of your face; most likely, an area that didn’t need concealing in the first place. So then, say it with me PAT, don’t RUB.

Therefore, you should apply your concealer only on the places of need. Since you are patting in the product lightly it may seem like the task is taking forever. However, if you stick to the technique you will find that it will seamlessly disappear, along with whatever it is covering up.

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