Juvia’s Skin -New Skincare Brand and Sis of Juvia’s Place!

Juvia’s Skin
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Juvia’s Skin

JUST STOP ALL THE BEAUTY PRESSES! Makeup and cosmetics giant, Juvia’s Place; dropped the skincare mic this morning with an announcement that is sure to change the landscape of the beauty industry MAJORLY. What’s going down? Breathe into this paper bag, plus get your credit and wallets ready for Juvia’s Skin, a new black owned skincare brand that will be launching in just a few months!

Juvia’s Skin -New Skincare Brand and Sis of Juvia’s Place!

Say what??! Yes, the rumors are in fact true, Juvia’s Place is getting a “younger sista” brand that will be focused on delivering skincare items and products. In the wee early morning hours of Thursday November 5th, Juvia’s Place made the official announcement with a simple statement. The brand disclosed,

“Juvia’s Skin! Coming Spring 2021. We are super excited about this new journey.”

This ‘new journey’ is no figment of beauty imagination either. Serious evidence was immediately seen to clearly establish that a skincare line is in fact in the works and on the way. What evidence?

For starters, a new dedicated Instagram page to the Juvia’s skincare division was created and started! Already thousands have flocked to and shown their immediate passionate support by following as well as liking the page’s one and only post. The post simply shows the company logo for the upcoming Juvia’s Skincare beauty label.



If you were hoping for a preview of possible products by surfing over to the page; sorry to disappoint, but as of now you won’t find anything. Juvia’s is keeping and staying a little tight-lipped in regards to their skincare brand. But that doesn’t mean we weren’t able to dig up a few deets.

The New Juvia’s Skincare Brand- What We know Thus Far

While information so far is limited, we were able to find out a few helpful details that we believe you all are just going to love! First of all, raise your hand if you have skin sensitivity? Also, raise your hand if you just prefer using products that do not contain harsh ingredients?

Well, with Juvia’s Skincare you are in luck! The brand is already going on record that their upcoming products will be… wait for it… FRAGRANCE FREE! This will be a great skincare routine win for those who suffer will allergies and the like.

Fragrance, while it can smell absolutely DIVINE, has been unfortunately known to cause in some:

  • Redness 
  • Swelling or what is described as “skin rash”
  • Itchy skin (even when no rash or irritation is visible)

Furthermore, this is an aspect that cannot be ignored; and is SERIOUSLY on the minds of hardcore skincare consumers. Unfortunately, many skin and beauty brands have continued to ignore the demands of the market; and continue to pump out “fragrance heavy” products that have even caused some users to have bad reactions such as breakouts!

Are brands starting to get the big picture of what people want? Well, some are… and some aren’t. For example, there is a HUGE brand that rolled out a slew of products that people did love; but they had one problem… the heavy fragrance.

Due to this some had to forgo using some of that particular skincare brand’s lineup. Nonetheless, Juvia’s Place has got the memo and they plan on delivering fragrance free skincare to the public. THANK GOODNESS!

Juvia’s Skin- No Man Left Behind

Okay guys and gentlemen, before you start saying, “But what about us, we care about our skin too!” Take a deep breath, none of y’all are being left out! Juvia’s Place is already making it very clear that there will be skincare products that will be great for men too!

Not too long after the November 5th announcement, one brave soul through social media commented to the Juvia’s Place brand this,

“Juvia’s Place, please make sure there is something for your male clientele. We need good skin too! Lol.”

As anyone knows, just because you “at” someone; especially a business online, doesn’t mean you will receive a response. But this awesome person did! In response, Juvia’s Place declared, “We’re on it.” With a winky emoji to solidify things for good measure.

Moreover, not leaving guys out in the “skincare cold” is proving to be very good for business. Rihanna’s Fenty Skin made over $100 million in just a few weeks after its launch; by targeting both men and women. The point is clear… guys care about their skin too. Just how clear?

Well, the men’s skincare industry is slated to be worth $18.92 billion by 2027. Furthermore, through additional research back in 2019, on average 61% of men throughout the world are likely to buy men’s skincare products. Therefore, the demand is real, and companies like Fenty Skin and Juvia’s Place are positioning themselves well by continuing to produce products for men too.

So… What Are the Streets Saying Though?

What is the reaction so far when it comes to the revealing of Juvia’s Place new skincare line. Literally, the feedback right now is ALL positive! This shows that this something fans are likely to not only back; but it’s a release they have been obviously desiring as well. Here are just a few of the thoughts that we are seeing via social media channels!

“This exciting! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!”

“Oh snap!”

“Take all my money!”


“Stop playing!”

“Y’all doing too much!”

“I’m not ready! But sis we need a setting powder!”

“Oh snap! It’s happening!”

“My skin is ready!”

“I’m hoping there is something for hyperpigmentation!”

“Game changer! So excited!”

“Well okay then, keep showing off! I’m here for it!”

“I can’t tell you how proud I am that this will launch! Now there will be no need for Sephora!”

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