Fashionable Mention: Marc Jacobs Decadence

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Fashionable Mention Marc Jacobs Decadence3

It’s a bird, it’s a plane… no it is just the coolest fragrance design you have ever seen! We love when designers step outside the box and create a full on masterpiece. Of course half the reason fragrances sale so well is due to their captivating and alluring notes. However, for some of us a perfume’s overall packaging can also sway us to have the register ringing.

Fashionable Mention Marc Jacobs Decadence2

We are loving Marc Jacobs newest fragrance Decadence which comes packaged as a chic purse-shaped bottle. Jacobs says he wanted his fragrance to truly be indulgent. Indulgence means the act or practice of gratifying a desire or passion. Decadence includes sensuous notes of Bulgarian rose, papyrus woods as well as Italian plum. So then, give in to your desire to have one decadent fragrance.

Fashionable Mention Marc Jacobs Decadence