Fitness Tips: How to Figure Out the Right Size Sports Bra For You

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right size sports bra

Do your girls hang low, do they wobble to and fro? A good question indeed, especially if you are working towards achieving your dream body. No one can truly concentrate on a workout if they are enduring their melons performing a rendition of wheels of the bus go round and round. Furthermore, most ladies would be shocked to know that they are in fact NOT wearing the right size sports bra. Therefore, why should this be addressed and what are some quick tips in order to locate the perfect fit?

Fitness Tips: How to Find the Right Size Sports Bra

Many girls wonder, “Do I really need a properly fitting sports bra?” Let’s answer that with an additional question, “Would you want a sexy, toned dime piece body with stretched out droopy boobs?” Of course not!

The bust should be lifted as well as firm and a good bra can help it stay that way. However, when engaging in activity requiring a lot of movement while wearing the wrong sports bra, it can unfortunately throw a monkey wrench into your fitness. The wrong fit will not help to give you the support that you really need. This can lead to irritation as well as tons of discomfort. Something us girls can all agree on that we would like to avoid, especially since it’s tough enough to pause a Netflix binge to huff and puff for half an hour.

Therefore, let’s get to it dolls! Here’s a comprehensive chart with everything you need to know in order to choose the right size sports bra.

right size sports bra

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right size sports bra