Painful High Heels

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I don’t know about you, but it seems like I always buy shoes that wind up hurting my feet. This seems to always boggle my mind because I am one of those people that take forever trying on shoe after shoe to ensure my comfort. Then after I’ve narrowed it down to my “Keeper List,” I try them on again. I walk through the store to make sure they feel fine.

However, as soon as I put them on again to go out wherever, either my shoes feel like they are two sizes too small or walking from my house to my car seems unbearable. Nevertheless, trying to go out where there is a lot of dancing or walking it’s just out of the question. Case in point, I bought these sparkly shoes from DSW that are gorgeous. Yet, they hurt me so bad that as soon as I can take them off I’m crying from the pain. For Reals no LIE!

I have been told that my shoes hurt because they are too cheap and I need to buy more expensive shoes. I thought DSW was good enough, I know it’s not Macy’s, but dang it should be good quality. So then, I guess I need to buy some Doctor Scholls or something like that to give me some cushion in my shoes so that I can live another day.

Or, should I stop being a baby about my heels, because CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN feels like women should embrace this pain?

Christian Louboutin-”A woman can be sexy, charming, witty or shy with her shoes. Shoes for men are about elegance or wealth; they are not playing with the inner character. That’s why women are happy to wear painful shoes. For some a little discomfort is balanced by something else, which has to do with desire. You feel yourself, empower yourself, know yourself. You are aware of your body. This little act of discomfort pays off in lots of other ways.”

So what are your thought should we have to deal with pain and enjoy it like Christian Louboutin thinks?