Ombre Hair

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I’m always looking for new hair color ideas so I started looking up ombre hair. I feel like it’s such a cool look that looks like it’s easy to maintain. So I dug around and found this helpful information.

The word ‘ombre’ is a French word which implies ‘shaded’. It is darker at the roots of the hair but lighter at the tips. Therefore, this works great for those who don’t want to maintain their hair due to their busy schedule or cannot afford to go to the salon all the time. However, I would suggest that you get this done professionally because I have seen some horror ombre hair and usually they did it themselves. It is best to get your hair dyed professionally and then maintain your new look at home.

Now many people feel that ombre hair is only a shaded variation from dark roots to blond tips but that’s not the case. Ombre basically is a hair color in contrasts, but just make sure that the the gradation of hair color is from dark to light. As for ombre hair 2013 it is more about a natural look instead of a sharp hair color contrast we may have seen last year. So then, why not try this look of ombre hair which will look good for the summer months coming up.