Office Slippers -The 1st Slippers Worn That Can Be Worn to the Office

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Office Slippers

Thank you Office GAWDS (Lol)! If you thought Causal Friday was cool, just wait till you get a load of this. Office Slippers… yes, a first-of-its-kind shoe design bringing the comfort of home to your feet and corporate desk. Welcome to a new era.

Office Slippers -The 1st Slippers Worn That Can Be Worn to the Office

Office Slippers

Office Slippers, an innovative start-up company, has created the first ever slipper made especially for the office. The company has designed slippers that look like every day dress shoes, allowing individuals to wear them at work. Office Slippers provides maximum comfort throughout the workday, but never look out of place at the office.

“Nowadays, entering the workforce typically means conforming to other employees and being uncomfortable while doing your job,” Mike McLaughlin, Office Slippers founder, said. “If you’re going to conform, at least you can be comfortable now. Office Slippers allows people the best of both worlds.”

Not all heroes wear capes, but McLaughlin might as well be wearing one for this awesome invention! McLaughlin will be launching a Kickstarter campaign on Tuesday, March 12th to raise funds for Office Slippers. The campaign seeks to raise $20,000 for the initial production; manufacturing, and distribution of their debut model, the Ashland.

This suede model is based on a Chelsea Boot and comes in three colors: black, navy, and brown. The slipper components include a memory foam sole; dense plush inner lining, and a nonskid rubber outer sole.

Office Slippers -The 1st Slippers Worn That Can Be Worn to the Office (Continued)

Office Slippers

The Kickstarter campaign will run until Thursday, April 11th. Backers can fund the project with any amount of money they’d like; but a pair of Office Slippers begins at the $55 mark with exclusive early pricing. In addition, McLaughlin will speak with certain backers to get their feedback on the company.

“We know that it’s a great idea, but this is the big moment. If we’re funded, we’re excited to see the ways in which we can transform offices. If not, at least we learned some good lessons along the way,” McLaughlin said. “We hope to attract as many people as possible. We’ve got some really exciting incentives lined up for early backers, including grabbing these at a discount.”

For more information on Office Slippers, please visit

Once launched, the campaign will be found via McLaughlin’s Kickstarter page at

Office Slippers

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