Nutress Protein Conditioners: Where Relaxed Hair Meets New Growth

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Experts agree that protein, not oils, do the best job of retaining moisture, especially for curly hair.

Do you relax your hair?
Do you color your hair?
Do you heat style your hair?
Do you have problems with dryness and split ends?

If you answered yes to any of the these questions, then you need a product like Nutress HAIR. For the vast majority of women, protein-based hair products are the best way to ensure healthy, beautiful hair. Why? Because our hair is 85% protein and 15% moisture. Most of the things we do to our hair robs it of these two vital components.

The best way to add protein and keep hair healthy is to use a product with both protein and moisturizers. This combination assures you of maintaining proper moisture balance while the protein strengthens and protects.

Nutress Bundle

We need high amounts of moisturizers along with M-31, a micronized protein that penetrates and attaches to the cuticle layer of each hair strand.  Whether you are repairing damaged hair or following a maintenance regimen, Nutress HAIR keeps your hair healthy. In addition, their water soluble formulations prevent buildup on hair and scalp, giving you maximum performance and ease of use.

Nutress Protein Pack Conditioner is their optimum deep penetrating conditioner with aloe vera and our M-31 protein. It moisturizes and protein-enriches in one treatment. Simple, easy and effective.