Normani Motivation Dropping 8.16 -Surprises and What to Expect!

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When you thought you could not wait ANY longer. Normani finally hits us all with the announcement… that THE Normani Motivation single will be finally dropping this very here month! Fans, colleagues of melanin and fellow lovers of good music please save the date. All the fire and newness shall hit our ears on August 16th!

Yet, that is not all! There is a pretty cool surprise that comes along with this release. AND it all went down behind the scenes… sort of. Read on to find out.

Normani Motivation Dropping 8.16 -Save the Date Y’all!

Why Normani, just why (LOL)? Why has it taken till August for this?! Like many others, we love this girl’s high energy performances and music; but sometimes it feels like we are playing the waiting game. However, she heard her fans pleas; and is putting us out of our music misery this summer and giving us something new to listen to.

Now as we all know the wait most likely is do the fact that Normani has just been seriously busy. This year, the singer basically has been on tour with music bestie, Ariana Grande. This is where it gets interesting!

Did you know that Normani’s new song Motivation has a very high profile co-writer? SAY WHAT?! Yes, word on the not so quiet street is that Motivation is also penned by the queen of the ponytail herself, Ariana Grande!

With Grande giving us plenty of 2019 heat and Thank You Next memes; we can be confident that Motivation is going to be just as major. Music journal, Rolling Stone confirmed the news from the former Fifth Harmony member. Here’s excerpt from that exclusive with Normani talking away about Ariana and her coming aboard Motivation! She says,

“She’s been very supportive of me too. I talk to her about the creative process. ‘I’m like, ‘When did you know your album was done?’ She was just like, ‘Honestly, you’ll know. Nobody will have to tell you. You’ll feel it. Just trust your instinct; trust your gut. And listen to that voice inside you; and it’ll tell you that you’re done. Just take your time, too, and have fun in the process and make sure that it’s something that you love.’

She’s dope. She also has a part in the record that I’m releasing, too. She wrote on it.”

We love this duo, so the fact that they decided to team up on a song; is just everything. From road mates to song mates, it’s awesome to see two awesome artists come together to make magic in the studio.

Normani Motivation

Motivation -The Single

This new release by Normani is BIG. It marks the beginning of an era for the budding solo artist. No not a collab, but just the stylings of Normani. Due to this many fans have been wondering what kind of sound to expect.

Normani wants one and all to know it will not be like what they are used to. For instance, the singer’s smash with Sam Smith, Dancing with a Stranger, had a very “dark”… moody, yet melodic vibe to it. Yet, Motivation will not follow in the same footsteps.

Expect high energy, Normani wants you to get up and dance! In a recent interview Normani reveals,

“I recorded this song a while back. And it’s crazy because, I’ll be on Twitter; and fans will be like, ‘Sis, where’s the new music? Where’s the new music?’ I’m like, ‘Guys, it’s coming,  promise it’s coming.’

I shot the video probably a month ago. It’s going to be worth the wait… It’s an upbeat [song]. It [is] a feel good song record. I think that everybody will really love it. It was the first opportunity that I had to have fun.

I think that people have been waiting for me to have fun and I’ve had so many records like ‘Waves’ and ‘Love Lies’ and Sam Smith’s ‘Dancing With a Stranger;’ which are a little bit more R&B smooth sailing.”

Our Take on Motivation

Smart move young lady. If Normani was just another studio slash ballad singer; then fine, a slower chrooner song would of been lit. HOWEVER, that is not the case here. Normani is 23. She is a 23 year old performer; scratch that, she is an entertainer honey!

Heck, for some time now Normani has even been compared to the queen herself, Beyoncé. A comparison that usually spells death to the career of any female attempting to make the claim. Nevertheless, Normani bypasses all beyhive hate and is continuously gaining more fans and respect.

With that being said, a fast paced song is totally the way to go here. Since people like to move, people like shake; they like to get there like the sidewalk is a club!

Furthermore, this will also highlight Normani’s range. Yes, she can bring tears to our eyes with her hauntingly beautiful vocals on a R&B track. But she can also make us dip in the knees and shake what our mamas may or may not have blessed us with (lol).

We love that Normani is deciding to show the world that she is the next big thing. She can sing. She can dance. Plus, she can put together an album that excites the masses. Something that seems to really be missing in the industry as of late.

Winning and Moving On Up

New song, new video, who dis? While the countdown may be on for Motivation. That does not mean that Normani still is not out here making waves. The girl is steadily collecting major hardware!

All of this new music news comes on the heels of the 2019 Teen Choice Awards. Normani won big taking home 2 awards. What did she win for? Normani won under the categories of: Choice R&B Hip/Hop Artist as well as Choice Pop Song.

The girl is simply on fire this year and we can’t wait to see what else she has up her sleeves. Congrats on the awards and the new single Normani!

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