Nicole Murphy Releases Fitness Program App

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There is a reason why the gorgeous Nicole Murphy gets thousands upon thousands of searches a month for her body. It is simply sick! From head-to-toe Nicole is absolutely perfect. Nevertheless, now the fashionable mom and model is dishing how to get an amazing physique just like her. All you have to do is click download.

Nicole Murphy Releases Fitness Program App

After a busy day at school or work the thought of heading to a gym seems like Medieval torture. However, let’s just be honest. If you want a bomb body you HAVE to put in the work. There is no shortcut or way around the equation of getting into the best shape of your life.

Nicole Murphy recognizes such challenges and has recently released an app dedicated to living that fitness life. Imagine being able to turn your home into your gym and your smartphone into your trainer. Murphy wants to train you and get you ready for summer!

Being that it is only February, if you start now you can easily get in shape in time for warmer weather. As they say when exercising it takes 4 weeks for you to notice changes, 8 weeks for friends and fambam and 12 weeks for the world. 12 weeks is only 3 months; therefore, by May you will be ready to seriously strut your stuff. So then, we suggest that you download Nicole’s spanking new app ASAP.

Nicole Murphy Releases Fitness Program App – What You’re Getting

Now that you know why you should get Murphy’s app, you probably want to know what to expect. Regarding her app Nicole says, “You all asked and I finally did it! I am launching my fitness app! [There’s] a link at Fashion and fitness are two of my favorite things. Be a part of my fitness journey and become a member now.

Get summertime ready with my fitness program. Workouts, tips and healthy recipes. Showing [you] how to make it a healthy lifestyle.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Before getting started always remember that you must make a commitment. Keep in mind, its not about just exercise, it is truly a lifestyle. The more you commit the better results you will receive. Therefore, do you need a little inspiration? Nicole Murphy is also known for her motivational quotes. Here are a few of our favorites:

“Ladies it’s time for us to all come together as strong women of all colors and start being women who walk with style and grace. Time to think more of yourself. Start being the queen that you are set out to be. Love yourself.”

“Self love is self worth ladies!”

“By my stride or by my eyes, you will see my determination, my focus, my drive. Love the skin you’re in, because there is only one you.”

Still needing a little push to get up off that couch? Here are a few photos of the stunning Nicole Murphy and her toned bod. We are sure these will convince you that her awesome app is SO the way to go!

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