Spotted: Supermodel Joan Small's MCM Trisha Bag

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MCM Trisha Bag

We love a good dose of street style fashion. Plus, add in a supermodel and the dividends are even sweeter! Models in the industry are known for having access to the hottest trends and must-have couture items; thus, aiding in the seasonal trends frenzy. Joan Smalls is already giving a preview of a spring handbag to add to our wardrobes. Check it out, we spotted Supermodel Joan Small’s MCM Trisha Bag!

Spotted: Supermodel Joan Small’s MCM Trisha Bag

MCM Trisha Bag

Literally, everyone is wearing MCM right now! If you are an “It Girl” this brand will claim you. We have seen the fashion label on the “flawless ” Beyoncé as well as fellow model, Winnie Harlow. Queen Bey rocked the brand’s MCM Berlin Crossbody from their Autumn/Winter 2016 collection. While Miss Harlow sported the Millie Crossbody while being photographed on the streets of London, England.

MCM Trisha Bag MCM Trisha Bag

So what about Joan’s handbag? Smalls hit the town with the MCM Trisha Bag. The bag is from MCM’s Viva Life collection that is apart of the Spring/Summer 2018 line.

Nevertheless, all these stylish ladies are bringing a huge spring 2018 accessories trend to the fore… the small handbag. While oversized can be great for transportating our entire lives around, it’s smaller bags that will rule the day. The great thing is that smaller bags can be toted without feeling loaded down. Thus, making them awesome for traveling, at events or daily errands. So then, go ahead and give the small bags some love this spring season!

MCM Trisha Bag

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