Makeup Application Tip: Keep Things Less Messy With Plastic Spoon

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Nowadays it seems like everyone is an expert makeup artist. We see videos of these gifted individuals on Youtube as well as all over SM. Even eight year olds have mastered contouring and the ultimate beat face. However, what about the rest of us? How can someone who hasn’t been blessed with steady hands beat the system? Well, there are several unconventional beauty methods that can be utilized in order to make your makeup application look just like Bey, flawless! Today, we are sharing the first of many, the plastic spoon.

Makeup Application Tip: Keep Things Less Messy With Plastic Spoon

Mascara can do wonders for your eyes but can get a little messy. Ever tried applying mascara to your bottom row of hairs? One issue that girls always talk about is the raccoon effect. Sometimes in an attempt to get those tiny hairs to submit and curl, application can lead to mascara transferring to skin under your eyes.

To prevent this beauty issue try using a plastic spoon during your next makeup application. Turn the spoon over so that the concave part will be facing your skin. Next, gently slide the spoon under your bottom lashes. Use the spoon as a shield then  apply your mascara to your bottom lashes without getting on your face. Be careful not to go so high with the spoon that you risk poking an eye.

Nevertheless, with this simple trick you will be able to achieve a very clean, professional look. Moreover, you will also create lower lashes with more volume and fullness due to being able to apply a thicker coat of formula. Have fun ladies and here’s to cleaner makeup!

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