Get Your Man Right: Jimmy Choo Man Blue Fragrance

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Jimmy Choo Man Blue

What’s one thing that can make a date even better? A great smelling man! Seriously, what’s better then leaning into your man’s neck and getting that tantalizing whiff that makes the hairs on your arm stand? For that reason alone we are nominating Jimmy Choo Man Blue, a bonafide must-have man scent.

Get Your Man Right: The Jimmy Choo Man Blue Fragrance

Why? Well the luxury label explains that it is, “An essential fragrance for any modern gent. Jimmy Choo Man Blue combines a woody, aromatic scent with black pepper, leather and grey amber. Ideal for the man on the move and perfect for day to night.”

Translation: Your dude can smell divine whether he is meeting you for a cup of coffee or a candlelight dinner. Without being anywhere near overpowering. This is an all day fragrance so he can spritz it on even after a workout.

It’s great for any guy who is a novice when it comes to scents because there’s no guesswork. Daytime or nighttime, any event or occasion it is just going to work.

Jimmy Choo Man Blue

Also, if your man fears fragrance because he is afraid of smelling like… er… you know, a woman (LOL). He can totally relax. There is nothing “girly” or “citrusy” nor remotely floral about this scent. It is 100% all man and brawn. OW!

Gift your man or just hint sweetly where your SO can pick up a JC bottle of goodness. It retails for $90 on the Jimmy Choo website; HOWEVER, we spied with our discount eyes Macy’s selling in store and online for $70. Happy shopping babes.

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