Is Vegan Makeup Better for Your Skin? 5 Reasons to Switch!

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Is Vegan Makeup Better for Your Skin


Beauty Quickie: Wondering or contemplating is vegan makeup better for your skin? Are you curious if vegan makeup is just being used as a ploy to make more sales? Well, wonder no more!

Today’s fast beauty feature is all about why YOU SHOULD be using companies that sell vegan makeup products. Here are 5 reasons to give them a try.

Is Vegan Makeup Better for Your Skin? 5 Reasons to Switch



Don’t Be So Cruel-It is no secret that for YEARS companies tested on animals and contained animal byproducts; like cows, whales (and their vomit… yuck) and snails. Furthermore, imagine our poor, cute furry little land animal friends in a lab DYING in order to make sure makeup is safe; for us humans. Almost does not seem fair or very nice huh? Well, more and more brands are wising up.

When you go vegan you may just be avoiding animal testing in the process. You can now find a plethora of beauty labels that offer not only animal-free, but “cruelty-free” items. However, always be sure to check for the cruelty-free label on your vegan products just to be sure.

Baby, Stop I’m Sensitive– If you have sensitive skin you are probably used to vetting any products before you use them. Why? Well, put on the wrong thing and in seconds you’re having a reaction and headed towards “breakout city.”

With vegan products you give your skin a better chance at not being exposed to ingredients that can do more harm than good. In performance, vegan makeup tends to be safer and gentler on skin. So this means you will not have to worry about irritation or your makeup’s overall effects on your skin so much during application.


Is Vegan Makeup Better for Your Skin


Captain Planet-As kids we learned the importance of recycling; now companies are getting in on the act. Vegan makeup is now also being put in packaging made from recycled materials! Nevertheless, not all companies have made this switch; but A LOT have. Therefore, you can rest at ease knowing your makeup is doing less harm to your skin and the planet as well.

Is Vegan Makeup Better for Your Skin? 5 Reasons to Switch (Continued)

You Are What You Apply– Ever heard that your skin absorbs about 60% of what you apply? If you are putting on something amazing and healthy that’s a good thing. However, some non vegan makeup could contain not only dead animal byproducts; but also harmful chemicals and metals, among other things.

No One Minute Man– Do you get tired of products that don’t, you know, last? Well, vegan makeup is more natural, but natural does not always measo that helps in this arena. You see, several brands like Derma E (love them!) and Pacifica are choosing to use a pure nature derived ingredient coupled with important additives that can help stave off spoiling.

This results can in a good mix of ingredients that lean towards healthy and longevity. As a result, if you choose to go the vegan route with your makeup you never have to worry about a shorter “shelf life.”



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