Instagram False Information-The End of Snatched Waists & Digital Artist

Instagram False Information
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Instagram False Information


It’s an end of an era. However, this is something that has been in the works. Like almost a year. Back in December, the social media giant hit the masses with the announcement of Instagram False Information measures. It would include using a third party to help “fact check” information being posted.

Do you remember this? Probably, not (LOL). Most people sincerely let it go in one ear and out the other. Thinking, welp this is not relating to me in anyway. HOWEVER, it is!

This new development will prevent images and videos from being seen. A truly Friday the 13th nightmare for anyone using the photo/video sharing app. Whether personal, or business you want eyes seeing stuff!



So then, what happens? In a statement Instagram explains,

“We want you to trust what you see on Instagram. Photo and video based misinformation is increasingly a challenge across our industry. And something our teams have been focused on addressing.

In May of this year (2019); we began working with third party fact checkers in the US to help identify, review and label false information. These partners independently assess false information to help us catch it and reduce its distribution.

Today, we’re expanding our fact checking program globally to allow fact checking organizations around the world; to assess and rate misinformation on our platform.

What does this mean? When content is rated false or partly false by a third party fact checker. We reduce its distribution by removing it from Explore and hashtag pages. 

In addition, it will be labeled so people can better decide for themselves what to read; trust, and share. When these labels are applied, they will appear to everyone around the world viewing the content. In feed, profile, stories, and direct messages.”

Instagram False Information-The End of Snatched Waists & Digital Artist



The statement goes on a little more. But honestly it is really just a repeat of information. The point is the average user is once more losing more control.

First to go was chronological order, the diminishing visibility under hashtags; later likes, now the ability to fix up images. Our rule of thumb of all of this is still the same. If there’s an aspect about Instagram that can make money; its got to go.

If likes, visibility and photoshopping didn’t work, people wouldn’t be making money. It’s something most industries thrive on and always have. What would magazines, commercials advertisements and movies even be without popularity, flash and smoke and mirrors?

That was indeed the allure of old Hollywood, you see one thing, yet in reality it’s completely different. From Barbie to editorials it is always been about selling a fantasy. And it still works.

Yet, now Instagram is sending all that to a guillotine nearest you (LOL). If you like taking your photos to another level via photoshop; think again. Actually, now may be a good time to just slowly back away from the computer altogether.

Nevertheless, we are talking about HEAVY manipulation though. Like if you start with yourself against a white wall and end up being in a museum gallery with floating glitter and white doves flying around manipulation.

This false information program is harmful to those who REALLY use digital manipulation with their photography. Since if a lot of people (or let’s face it, haters lol); decide to report you, you’re screwed. Once something is said to be fake, it’s gone.

False Information -More Impact?



Plus, with social media, exposure is everything! Without eyes, no one even knows your art exists; much less you or your page. Therefore, it is reasonable to understand how a professional photographer; or digital artist may be upset.

However, all of this is happening for a reason. Reasons more attached to politics than anything. Remember the last election in America? Well, a lot of what is now known as “fake news” got spread. And who is really being blamed for that? You guessed it… Instagram and Facebook.

So this crackdown is to help prevent stuff like that from occurring again. The aim is to keep truth alive and well. Also, in the forefront of people’s minds, so that nothing is shared that could influence someone in a wrong way.



A valiant effort, but this also takes the fun out of Instagram. Which is why this movement could unfortunately backfire. Many are already steadily becoming dissatisfied with the Instagram app. It is by far still the leader of the social pack. But, it’s not as enjoyable to use anymore for many.

When Instagram started, it was perfect. More privacy than Facebook, cool, post some pics and slap on a few hashtags and get seen by hundreds of people. Now there’s reports of shadow-banning and fake viral information. What happened to our little fun photo-sharing app?

In a word, business. IG is a major cash cow with tons of influence and there’s those who want to capitalize on it. It’s not for keeping up with friends and family anymore. It’s not for connecting with others around the world. We’re all just numbers in a bucket with Post-It stickers with “Sell Me” attached to our foreheads. But, that’s another discussion for another day. Rant over.

Instagram False Information -Have No Fear!



Nevertheless, if you are afraid about accidentally reposting harmful information to others. Don’t be. Daddy Instagram has your back on this one. There is plenty of things in place to prevent this from ever happening.

From the above mentioned labeling to different notices. What type of notices? Well, if you do find yourself about to share something with false information; you’ll be stopped right in your tracks. Before the post even goes live, Instagram will warn you that what you are about to post has already been found to be a fraud. Plus, you will be told what the fact checkers had to say about the fraud info AND be given a link that includes more information.


Instagram False Information


Now what you decide to do from there on, is on YOU. You will still be allowed to post what you want; but it will come with the dreaded false information label. All your followers will see it as containing false information. And will label you as a fake poster and liar ( we are SO kidding). We’re sure your followers are sweethearts and angels.

So as one can see, it will be near possible not to know that what you are posting is something fact checkers deem “unfit.” Yet, if you feel very strongly about what you are posting and wish to anyway; knock yourself out. Just don’t be surprised over any labeling on your account.


Final Words


Instagram False Information


Still confused? Want more info? Well, keep checking back to this post and bookmark it because we will be updating it as we receive more intel.

However, we hope that you have thoroughly enjoyed this look into Instagram’s False Information program as much as we have (seriously, it’s been 99+1 y’all). But, before we check out we will as always, share our final thoughts.

While it’s great that fake news may be a thing of the past. This new building block by adding photoshopped and digitally composed imagery into the mix; seems a bit much. There’s some who actually like such posts and now will have to jump through hoops to see it.

Also, will this move impact the big dogs? Something tells us they will be able to skate. Can’t really see celebrities, magazines (yay lol jk); or the like being affected. Think about the uproar if a photo by Beyonce, Rihanna, JLO, Selena, Normani, Taylor, Nicki, or Lizzo CAN’T be viewed because it’s “fake.” C’mon Instagram knows its days would be numbered (lol)!

So this is just one more addition that will be more about us little peasants. Our photos will be the ones taken down. However, there may be some hope. Remember when there was a crackdown on fan accounts and others not giving proper photo credit? Well, the answer was to just make sure you were not stealing a pic without crediting the photographer or source.

Therefore, could the solution be to just flat out say, “This photo is photoshopped.” It would still suck to have to include that lol; but beats dramatic LABELS AND REMOVAL, right?

Very Final Word LOL

Well, that’s our two cents on all of this new social madness. It will be interesting to see how everything plays out in the near future. Instagram is still THE PLACE to be when it comes to social media. And it will be very hard for a new platform to swoop in and change that.

They would literally have to give us everything we love and loved about Instagram; plus something a bit new. Until then, come argue about our views on Instagram and Twitter HaHa. We would love to talk.

Also, tell us where you think social media is heading; are things going in a good direction or are we all doomed? Thanks for reading and you guys come back you hear?



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