How to Tame Baby Hair

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Baby Hair Appreciation

Laying baby hair is almost as intricate as crafting a masterful piece of art. There are certain tools involved to create these smooth, swirly, face-framing designs. We salute the girls who are right now in their mirrors with toothbrush and Let’s Jam gel in hand swooping and laying those edges.

Nevertheless, even with the right tools and products getting this hair look down flat can still be a challenge. This can be due to hair texture, hair is not prepped properly or too much product build-up. Here are a few things to keep in mind when handling those edges:

1.  Make sure strands are wet or at least damp before working with them. Spritz with water or apply a moisture rich product or hair gel.

2. Avoid using gel with alcohol which can be quite drying and remove much needed moisture from hair.

3. If hair is very unruly, after fashioning your baby hair look tie down your baby hairs with a satin scarf until they are completely dry. The result will be sleek edges that will last all day.

Baby Hair Appreciation2

Are you a visual hair learner? Not to worry many of us are so check out this quick video tutorial: