How To Choose The Right Fitness Trainer, Regardless of Fitness Level

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Choosing the right personal fitness trainer is very important. To pick up the phone and call the first trainer that popped up in a Google search, could end up being both a waste of time and money. Therefore, personal training is a valuable service, but it is best to pick a fitness trainer that can achieve the goals that YOU are after.

How To Choose The Right Fitness Trainer

There is no such thing as a stupid question. We recently quizzed a top Los Angeles fitness trainer on what anyone regardless of their fitness level should look for in a trainer. Remember, it is your body and it deserves only the best. With that in mind, here are a few things to definitely keep in the forefront when making your decision.

1. What are their achievements?

The Answer: Pick a trainer whose achievements closely match your goals. If you want to run a race, a runner with marathon experience would fit. If you want to lose weight, a personal trainer who has lost weight his/herself would be a great match.

Of course this is not always the case. I have trained men for mass gain and have been plenty successful. If you find a trainer you want to work with, ask if they have experience in the area. Furthermore, any great trainer will get one of their previous or current clients to call or e-mail you, with a testimonial if you request one.

2. What is their availability?

The Answer: If you want to train full force at three or four times a week, make sure the trainer has the availability. A great personal trainer is really busy, and some can only fit in 1 or 2 sessions per client a week. If you want to work with them anyway, see if they will provide you with a custom program for working out one or two days a week on your own.

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Choose The Right Fitness Trainer (Cont.)

3. What are you looking for in a personal trainer?

The Answer: Do you just need someone there to make sure you are exercising hard enough? Do you want someone who will motivate you like a drill Sergeant? Do you need to work on technique? Or perhaps, do you have any injuries or conditions that need a more experienced and knowledgeable trainer?

As you can see, a little analysis is required. Definitely be sure to pick out a trainer that will provide what you want. Everybody has different expectations of what a good trainer is. Find the right match for what you need to get out of your workout sessions.

Personal training is a service that fast tracks results safely and surely. A great way to find a trainer is through friends and family who can recommend their trainer to you. Alternately, do your research, and hire the best trainer for your goals and needs.

The Right Fitness Trainer

A truly skilled personal fitness trainer can help you learn not only how to get into the best shape ever, but maintain it. This kind of knowledge is simply invaluable. Los Angeles fitness coach, Erin Williams demonstrated how important it is to listen to as well as learn from the best. Furthermore, Williams shared with us a nutrition tip that can really help you shed the pounds! Enjoy.

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