How To Bring Life Back To Your Hair Color

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Try out color depositing shampoos and conditioners. They are a great way to give your color new life between hair salon visits. Go for a color that will enhance the tone and base colors. Use at least once a week to maintain color and more often if you need more deposit.

I also love semi-permanent color to freshen color.

Look for ammonia and peroxide free temporary hair color rinses that last four to six shampoos. These should be bottle to hair products. It is basically like lip gloss for your hair. A color coating that washes off with no damage and no permanent changes.

There are a lot of styling products available now that either have pigment added to them or reflective particles to add shine and dimension to your color. Also, change your makeup and clothing as your color fades. As your hair looses pigmentation, so should your cosmetics and clothes. This gives the illusion that your just softening your look this week.